yeah , i started the quest and i was rushing like a madman to finish the quest, but in the end i was exhausted but i still had 60% of the time left. Loves of EFT, and we just want to have fun! The Punisher - Part 2 - The Official Escape from Tarkov Wiki Usually I had clear gas or construction and then run to find more scavs and die because I wasn't taking my time. 18. So if they don't die, perfect for them. Sure, I could sell all my loot in favor of making space, but I'd be losing out on hundred of thousands of roubles to do so. Deaths should be an important matter, and going in with just pistols over and over and over to complete the task is something I see as a problem. I don't think that the quest needs to become EASIER, it just imo needs to become truer to the Tarkov gameplay and a bit fairer. This page was last edited on 4 September 2020, at 16:06. Kill 10 Scavs in Woods using 12 gauge shotguns Kill 10 PMCs on Shoreline while wearing a balaclava and a scav vest. Honestly had no problems with this one. Shoreline지역에서 Scav 20명을 사살하라 2. I did this task in little over an hour just doing customs. After that you just go fast and hard and extract once there aren't any more easy pickings. Close. Again, I'm not complaining about the difficulty, I'm saying it shouldn't have to alter the playstyle and force it, just make it so that it can happen naturally in the game. Mianowicie karabinem z rodziny AKM. The concept of the timer is such a hypocritical concept to the game itself, one that calls itself a "realistic military tactical simulator." I've never done the task before but if you know scav spawns then it's a simple but irritating task. We already have struggles with handling our loot as is, and the thought of having to set space for full gear sets is out of the question. If you want to run and gun, sure go ahead. Almost identical fits. just the concept of timed quests. Gunsmith - Part 3 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Kill 15 Scavs at the Shoreline using AKM series weapon +10,800 EXP Prapor Rep +0.08 40,000 Roubles 42,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1 46,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2 6B43 Zabralo-Sh 6A Armor Unlocks … You must be wearing a PACA vest and 6b47 helmet +19,300 EXP … Our best EFT teams can help you with anything you need and Prapor quests completion as well. Anyway, i dislike that whole concept of you and others saying gameplay needs to be super slow and run and gun shouldnt even exist, if it gets pushed in that direction, changes to XP need to be made, otherwise nobody will be able to level up since nobody is going to engage in PvP anymore. It would allow players to choose either an aggressive approach or a slower one, but still rewarding players who SUCCESSFULLY accomplish the task while also maintaining a good challenge. I was never trying to DISCOURAGE players from a run-and-gun method, I'm saying just don't DISCOURAGE players from their preferred slow method. Press J to jump to the feed. They can be found more commonly in the areas marked red below: Because of the large amount of recoil, using the AKS-74U in full-auto at any distance besides point-blank is not recommended. Punisher Part 7 - Kill 100 Hatchlings in Labs. Question. I don't mind it taking multiple tries and strategies IF the task was a fair one that punished incorrect plans and mistakes. 3 years ago. It's end game content. 1 Dialogue 2 Requirements 3 Objectives 4 Rewards 5 Guide Must be level 17 to start this quest. Yeah, I know it's an endgame task but that doesn't mean it should be an unfair task. It's inevitable for most that you will die once or twice during this quest, be with a bug, player, or scav. Archived. The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created by Battlestate Games. Running and gunning isn't a terrible choice, sometimes and for some people the aggressive tactics are best for them. Defend parking lot gate from being opened for 5 minutes. Having the timer forces the player a COD -like role and abandon tactical planning in favor of a run-and-gun approach. How long have you been playing this game? Go ahead. Killing 25 scavs is difficult, but reasonable for beginner to intermediate players. Not very long, started a few days after the wipe. Actually, it's the fucking timer. I managed to kill the scavs with a good amount of time remaining but I didn't escape once. The Punisher - Part 3 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. The timer FORCES players to take an aggressive and potentially reckless playstyle, and it doesn't have to. All variants of the AKS-74U including the AKS-74UB and AKS-74UN can be be used for this quest. Discussion. Punisher Part 3. Posted by. That's what the current timer system does. So many problems with this post, Idk if it's even worth trying to rebuttal. Rather than stating there are obvious problems, why don't you put in your own opinion? by SUICIDE | eft fort, eft punisher part 1| 0 Comments | 16 stycznia, 2020. 1 Dialogue 2 Requirements 3 Objectives 4 Rewards 5 Guide 6 Build Must be level 12 to start this quest. Find in raid 5 knives Bars A-2607 Handover knives to Prapor +19,000 EXP Prapor Rep +0.12 Jaeger Rep -0.01 Colt M4A1 … Doing so in 2 hours is much much more difficult, unreasonably so, for a variety of reasons. Its not hard to do and there are efficient ways without big risks to doing it too. Reason #3: Standard edition players are SCREWED over in this. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EscapefromTarkov community. Not only this, but I've also had several runs end due to microstutters, which as the community has already pointed out, is a prominent issue. Aggressive and rushy playstyles shouldnt be less viable than the way the game is apparently ''supposed to be played''. The reward you get for completing the Punisher Pt. Actually, it's the fucking timer. Take out that frustration on some cheeki breeki's! Punisher Part 3. Break even point: 1: runs: Loot strategy with this fit. Maybe you could even have slightly different quest rewards depending on time and deaths, like more or less xp/money. The Punisher - Part 3 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. Helps us all out, so what are the problems with my suggestion in your eyes? Thus, I believe that the quest timer should either be removed, or readjusted. There is no penalty for failing this quest, so you can try as often as you want. NOT aggressive gameplay. This is going to be biased but nonetheless I think part of my argument is sound. The Punisher: Part 1. Suggestion. Customs: 1x DVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifle - Urbana: 12,400 +0.08 Prapor +0.05 Skier: 2,500 ₽-Elimination No offence---+0.4 Prapor: Pickup The Punisher. So what EFT could do is require a 2000 experience minimum to keep found in raid status IF YOU DIE. Yes, and there was like 2 times more Scavs on Customs. The Punisher - Part 3 NPC : Prapor 종류 : Elimination (제거) 지역 : Customs (세관) 시간제한 : 없음 퀘스트 내용 1. Only actual ingame time should count! What qualifies as AKM series gun? 86. The survivalist path - Unprotected, but dangerous, Instead, the current timer punishes TACTICAL planning and REWARDS reckless gunning. Strona główna » Zadanie punisher part 1 – poradnik. The Punisher Part 2: 10 lower half-masks; The Punisher Part 4: 10 A-2607 knives; The Punisher Part 5: 5 AK-74Ns, 3 M4a1s, 10 Makarovs; No Offence: 10 M67 grenades; Therapist. Part 3. Went in with ak74n, paca and kolpak and finished in 3 runs, died in the second one to a PMC. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This quest should just be kill 10 scavs per map to shake things up. Ważna informacja × Choose a team. 마.. Kill 20 Scavs in the Woods; My suggestion? Edit: I'd like to reiterate a point. save. The current and most effective method for many is to simply go in with a pistol and hope for the best. I fucking hate this quest. Question. Instead of making it 2 hours, make it within 3-5 deaths. Posted by 10 months ago. Escape from Tarkov Quests and Tasks are missions given by traders and they are usually tough. The Punisher - Part 4 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. 1 Dialogue 2 Requirements 3 Objectives 4 Rewards 5 Guide Must be level 20 to start this quest. I like the quest, there should be more timed ones where players get forced to be more aggressive and step out of their comfort zone. Opis zadania. Rant. Nagrody za wykonanie zadania. Sounds weird, right? Vepr, at least the .366 variant doesn't count kills for the quest. Customs지역에 있는 Scav 35명을 사살하라 퀘스트 수행에 필요한 아이템 없음 퀘스트 보.. I've lost 20 minutes to server matchmaking, along with another 20 JUST because of reconnecting server errors, and crashes. However, I hope that it reviews about it Is Punisher Part 3 Timed Still Eft And Should You Play With Max Volume Eft will end up being useful. I fucking hate this quest. The Punisher. Shoreline지역의 Scav 20명을 사살하라 퀘스트 수행에 필요한 아이템 없음 퀘스트 보.. This fit has 3 almost identical fits (which are counted against loot and popularity statistics). Out of these fits, 2 are not set to private: I agree with one thing you said and that is downtime. The Punisher - Part 2 NPC : Prapor 종류 : Elimination (제거) 장소 : Shoreline (해안가) 시간제한 : 없음 퀘스트 내용 1. I … 6 quest (Kill 25 USECs in one hour, regardless of faction) Close. hide. It's a end game task. Again, I said this before and I'll say it again. Kill 25 Scavs on Customs; 14,000 EXP; 0.05 Prapor Rep; 0.05 Skier Rep; 2,500 Dollars; DVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifle; The Punisher - Part 4. I chose Vepr AKM .366 variant, as the name clearly said AKM and it also shared skill level with other AKMs. Any guide on this quest will tell you to prepare gear sets in the stash so that you minimize downtime. share. The Punisher - Part 5 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. And it really isn't hard. I feel like this task could be completed in an afternoon. Kill 100 PMCs holding a melee weapon in Labs. Reason #2: The game is in beta, and problems are abundant. The problem with the run-and-gun style of now is that you shouldn't be rewarded for simply going in, killing a few scavs, and then dying. If you want to complain about quests, complain about the ones that force you to play shoreline. Always thought of them as our guys, but somehow that is... unsound. The punisher part 4 shotgun kills. Surprisingly, they don't want to shut it down, but take over instead! I absolutely understand that this is impossible, but there was a sort of irrational fear inside. Do zabicia masz 15 scavów na mapie shoreline konkretnym rodzajem broni. 1 Dialogue 2 Requirements 3 Objectives 4 Rewards 5 Guide Must be level 20 to start this quest. Reason #1: Already stated, it goes against the very principles of that the game prides itself on. I understand the frustration your having. Modify MP5 to comply with the required specification +8,000 EXP Mechanic Rep +0.05 500 Euros 525 Euros with Intelligence Center Level 1 575 Euros with Intelligence Center Level 2 Submachinegun 19-01 Vityaz-SN 9x19 MP5 … If you wanna know the best AKM build or where do all the scavs spawn on shoreline. So if i’m on interchange for 30 minutes and I participate in a lot pvpve and looting and I die to a scav right at the end. Sure, that would work too to further encourage the tactical style and reward them. Lets talk about the quest. I just tried to start doing this quest. The Punisher - Part 1 NPC : Prapor 종류 : Elimination (제거) 지역 : Shoreline (해안가) 시간제한 : 없음 퀘스트 내용 1. The Punisher - Part 3. But then i did the same thing for part 6 xD. The PMCs are getting closer up their ass. Defend hangar gate from being opened for 5 minutes. Punisher Part 3. Le Punisher - Partie 3 est une quête dans Escape from Tarkov. The Punisher - Part 1 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'll finish with, Keep the hatred in raids and not towards each other, content creators and devs. Could have saved myself a couple heart attacks and a litre of sweat by not tryharding that hard LOL. This is going to be biased but nonetheless I think part of my argument is sound. I don't think this quest is impossible. For example, my death based suggestion. TLDR: We are all a community. Make it so that the task remains difficult but not time-based, for instance using a death system. Kill 25 Scavs on Customs using AKS-74U +12,400 EXP Prapor Rep +0.08 Skier Rep +0.05 2,500 … 1 Description 2 Objectives 3 Completion 4 Rewards 5 Note 6 Gallery 7 Patch Changes "Yesterday, someone was banging at the closed door in the kitchen. Turn in 100 Lvl 40+ PMC dog tags. Edit: Another point I want to reiterate. Enter Customs and kill 25 Scavs. I want out from these Masters deals. On this page, you can buy Prapor Quests Boost Carry Service for Escape From Tarkov (EFT) in any region. If You need a guide on Prapor Punisher Part 1 Task I got you covered. What I wanted/want is a system that enables players to CHOOSE their playstyle, not force them into one. Having few deaths is just as testing on a player as being able to finish a quest quickly. Honestly, this quest would still be possible with the timer being half this. the difficulty is not the problem here. The concept of the timer is such a hypocritical concept to the game itself, one that calls itself a "realistic military tactical simulator." Why reward the players who are focused on MINIMIZING losses, rather than those focusing on SUCCESS? Archived. Making it work on a death counter is a pretty nice idea and its the first time I hear of it personally. Bring 3 AK-74N Handover AK-74N rifles to Prapor Bring 3 M4A1 assault rifles Handover M4A1 rifles to Prapor Bring 5 PM pistols Handover pistols to Prapor Kill 10 PMC operatives. Because it used to be like 20 scavs in 30 mins before in like .5 or .6. Honestly, I'm just so frustrated with this damn quest that I'll take anything but a timer. It requires knowledge of the map and where the scavs spawn. Hopefully, you can re-read your text and pick up on most of the obvious problems. HOWEVER, for standard players, this is simply impossible. Lower half-masks 10개를 찾아라 3. I never said make the task easy, but instead I'm saying it should be reasonable. Thats actually one of the easiest quests ingame.....Tool me maybe 3 runs and 25min. 6 quest (Kill 25 USECs in one hour, regardless of faction) 79 comments. The Punisher - Part 6 - The Official Escape from Tarkov Wiki This not only encourages tactical gameplay but rewards the players who already take this approach, as well as leaving the option to run and gun for those who prefer it. The reward you get for completing the Punisher Pt. I never said that aggressive players should be punished, and if that was how my argument was interpreted, I'm sorry. If you want to play it slow and tactical? I'm not worried about before, I'm talking about now. 1 Description 2 Objectives 3 Completion 4 Rewards 5 Note 6 Gallery 7 Patch Changes "Hey there! Escape from Tarkov Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Maybe you have to get out of your usual habit of camping and approachig everything in slow motion in this game. By using other methods, it can provide players with the option of EITHER playstyles, for instance, why not make it death-based? Like a child, when you're afraid of monsters under the bed. Part 4. 1 Dialogue 2 Requirements 3 Objectives 4 Rewards 5 Guide Must be level 19 to start this quest.

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